Find out more about Bits n Bobs

Throughout the twenty five years Bits & Bobs have been established, we have been dealing with retailers big and small across the U.K. We specialise in supplying an unbeatable range of impulse and distress purchase items.

At Bits n Bobs we are dedicated to providing a first class service, to ensure your needs and demands are dealt with effectively. Our aim is to provide you with what you and your customers need and want. We will arrange appointments at times to suit you, and set up products to fulfil your requirements, as well as keeping you up to date with new products, services, display options and merchandising options. We believe that even the smallest retail space can work for you. Our Bits n Bobs branded range boasts over 300 quality products. Our products are eye catching, capturing the attention of your customers and maximising sales and high returns on your investment.

Each product is competitively pre priced, and bar-coded for your ease, therefore allowing your customer to make ethical buying decisions. Where appropriate our products carry relevant safety warnings, instructions and compliance markings

Our range includes, Nursery,Cosmetics, Party, Kitchen and Houseware, Haberdashery, Hair care, Stationery, DIY, Laces, Hardware, and First Aid Items. For further information or to place an order, please call 0161 839 5050. To go to our Home page please click here.

We’ve been supplying convenience stores since we started

We started from humble beginnings with a tiny range of products and an even smaller subset of clients, but with great service and reliability we steadily grew into what we are today. Nowadays, we are pretty well known as one of the UK’s largest convenience store suppliers of implulse purchase items.