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About Bits ‘N’ Bobs

Throughout the thirty five years Bits N Bobs has been established, we have been dealing with retailers big and small across the U.K. We specialise in supplying small and large business’s with convenience products carrying an unbeatable range of impulse and distress purchase items.

With over 10,000 retail customers

All our items are pre priced, pre packed, bar-coded and guaranteed, when purchasing our products, we will make regular visits to ensure your shelves are always fully stocked to ensure that you obtain maximum sales whilst maximising profit.

To discuss stocking Bits'n'Bobs in your shop please call our sales team on 0161 839 5050.

We work day and night to become your favourite supplier and here is how we plan to do it:

  • Always providing excellent customer service 😊
  • Products developed in-house at great prices
  • Easy and safe delivery 📦
  • Inspiration on Facebook and Instagram

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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    Bits N Bobs

  • High Profits

    We ensure Profit Margins of 30% to 40% for our customers.

  • Tryed and Trusted

    we currently supply 1000's of retail stores in the north west.