As part of our commitment to great service, we offer all our trade accounts a free on loan display unit to house all of their Bits n Bobs stock.

We pride ourselves on our experience and in being able to work well for our customers. We will ensure your new display unit is positioned in a safe, secure and convenient location to ensure you maximise your sales and available space.


Taking the hassle out of convenience products

We know it can be a hassle when it comes to purchasing and displaying convenience lines, but with Bits n Bobs there is no hassle. We come to you and we work with you. All our products are pre priced, bar coded and guaranteed. Display units can be adapted to suit your location. Our fully trained merchandisers will call every 4-6 weeks and with over 300 lines available we can really tailor a unit to your store. PLUS there’s no dead stock, if something’s not selling we can change it.


We never stop refining your stock

We know that nobody gets it 100% right the first time, so we will monitor your stock levels along with the types of items that your customers are buying the most of and we will advise you on the best related products for your unit. Its just another way we are helping people like you increase their turnover.


See below for examples of our stocked units.